Rob Ewen

Delivery Director Heathrow Expansion

Subject: Heathrow Expansion – Focus on Productivity

Rob Ewen is Delivery Director for Heathrow Expansion. 

Rob is responsible for all aspects of the delivery of Heathrow Expansion.  This includes the development of the delivery model for Expansion, which enshrines Heathrow’s intent to drive productivity improvement through the industrialisation of the design and construction process, with collaborative supply chain involvement and the use of remote logistics hubs as key elements of this approach. 

Prior to his involvement with Heathrow Expansion, Rob successfully led businesses and major programmes across a range of sectors both within the UK and internationally. 

Rob's career has been characterised by involvement in complex, challenging and multi award winning projects, from Broadgate in the early stages of his career to the more recent remodelling of Stratford's Royal Shakespeare Theatre. Most recently Rob led the mobilisation of a mega project in Russia, which was set up with leading edge MMC and BIM approaches.

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